Klove was founded in September 2005, by Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth. Their mutual love for travelling allows them to immerse themselves in the elemental forces that mould life’s creative force into countless shapes and forms. 

The very name – Klove – is immersed in instinct. It is so called because the partners in business and adventure liked the sound of it; and it is hard to like something that does not resonate with the potent energy of instincts and emotions. All Klove creations are an ode to the innate synchrony in nature, the secrets of metaphysics hiding in plain sight; and the unconditional repository of nourishment, healing and learning within alternative spiritual methodologies.

For Prateek and Gautam, Klove is a luxury lifestyle choice because it renews confidence in distinctiveness. By combining flawless, yet delicate handblown glass with the sturdiness of primal metals. Klove brings to light the luxury of harmony in a world saturated and fatigued by constant contradiction.


Klove is nestled in a vibrant and tranquil nook of an otherwise bustling South Delhi market. To step into Klove is to cross the threshold back into the surreal realm of slumber and dreams, from which we rouse ourselves as though nothing would be achieved if we did not. Tastefully arranged across 4,000 sq. feet, the curations include larger-than-life 3D installations and lighting accessories for the home and office, which can be as opulent or under-stated as blown glass can be.

The ‘absolute black’ of the walls and dazzling luminosity of all the interior décor accessories prompt visitors to remember that without darkness, there would have been no instinctive urge to create light. Without light, there would be no desire to recede into stillness and silence, wherein we may breathe life into creative instincts.

The art of glassblowing is a quaint and poetic replication of life’s ability to create and diversify. Molten glass is in a fluid state when the breath of life, quite literally, gives it the shape and form that was pre-decided and intended for it. The body that houses the spark of light is delicate, but resilient and self-assured in its graceful elegance. 

Klove is a sanctuary for instinctive forces in motion. It is shrouded in a quietly palpable aura of ideation and design at all times. Conversations with visitors, clients, family and friends enrich every passing day, as visions, suggestions and plans travel back and forth at the speed of light.